why need headlight dust cover

Why Need Headlight Dust Cover

One of the major reasons why most LED headlight bulbs are equipped with a fan is to help with heat removal. This is equally the major reason why you should install a dust cover for your LED headlight since the original dust cover is not covered after the fan and power connection are fitted. To keep the headlight housing around the headlight bulb free of dust and moisture, OEMs offer dust covers on select vehicle models. 

Why are LED bulbs so large

Why are LED bulbs so large

LED Bulbs are significantly larger than stock because of the heat sink at the back. However, the heat sink is crucial. Since LED headlight bulbs generate heat while in use, a heat sink is required. The IC driver in the LED headlamp will reduce the current supplied to the LED chips and the lighting illumination if the LED headlight becomes too hot. To keep the headlamp running on consistent illumination and avoid burning out, a heat sink is essential.

Do I need to keep the Dust Cap on

Do I need to keep the Dust Cap on

As crucial as the Heat Sink is the dust cap. It keeps the casing of your headlight from becoming misted up or getting dirty. Experts advise against removing the heat sink to fit the LED headlight bulb into the headlamp housing or removing the dust cover to use the LED headlight bulb. Instead, a custom headlamp Dust Cap is required.

Are Headlight Dust Caps Necessary

are headlights dust caps necessary

A headlight’s dust cap is positioned beneath the housing of the headlamp to shield it from dirt, debris, and insects. The headlight dust caps are essential to maintain the light secure, flicker-free, and performing as intended. They are essential to the safety of the headlight.

How to install a headlight dust cover

How to install headlight dust cover
  • Install the LED bulb
  • Finishing cable
  • Cover with dust cover
  • Tie a nylon cable tie (package does not include nylon cable)

NB: If after installing your headlight dust cover and you notice the alignment of your headlight housing is wrong, you can easily adjust your LED headlights to avoid blinding other oncoming drivers at night. 

Are Larger Custom-Fit Dust Covers Available

do i need dust cover for led headlights

To make installation simpler for some automobiles, OEMs created a special headlight dust cover that can fit a larger profile bulb. Some headlight dust covers can be used on both the left and right side. The higher profile cover has grommets to keep its water and dust-proof integrity and is pre-drilled for both high and low beam bulbs. You can use this headlight cover if you need to. Simply save the factory covers and original stock bulbs for replacement when you return the car at the end of the lease if you upgrade the headlight bulbs in a leased vehicle. Your “lease recovery” fees could be cut by hundreds of dollars thanks to this.

Are Universal Extra-Large Dust Covers Available

High-quality PVC rubber headlight seal dust covers are offered by Lumens and come in sizes of 100mm (3.937in), 95mm (3.740in), 83mm (3.267in), and 75mm (2.953in.). due to its high-temperature resistance, it can function between -40 and 70 °C. Creates a neat and orderly headlamp installation with the HID and LED Headlight Kit. H1 H3 H4 H7 H8 H9 H11 H16 H13 9004 9005 9006 9007 HB3 HB4 9012 are suitable for HID or LED headlights.


A common product for HID or LED headlamp retrofits is a rubber dust cover. To make way for the aluminum heat sink and improve airflow, the rubber dust cover will replace the original cap. Regardless of whether an LED headlight has a fan or not, doing it this manner can improve heat dissipation and prolong the life of your light bulb. You can also go further to decrease the chances of an early oxidation by restoring your car’s headlight using a headlight restoration wipe. To learn more about the consequences of not using a dust cover on your headlight, read our article on What Happens If You Don’t Use Dust Cover Headlight.

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