How Much Does It Cost To Replace Tail Light Covers

How Much Does It Cost To Replace Tail Light Cover

The component of the tail light that protects the fragile bulbs within is called the tail light cover. The tail light cover ensures that none of the various substances your car is exposed to during routine driving, such as mud and moisture, interfere with the tail light bulbs. To ensure your tail lights are operating correctly for your safety and the safety of other cars on the road, you need a tail light cover. You can receive a traffic ticket from a police officer if the lens is faded or damaged and allows white light to flow through.

What Does a Tail Light Cover Replacement Include

Most of the time, replacing a tail lamp cover just entails switching out the cover with a few screws, bolts, and/or fasteners. You could occasionally come across damaged bulbs that also need to be replaced or a dirty taillight cover that needs cleaning. It’s usually a quick fix that just takes an hour or two to complete when you have this done at a repair shop. An additional benefit is that mechanics don’t have to waste time running diagnostics to determine what’s wrong. A broken tail light cover is something that can be seen right away by simply looking at it. Even though a damaged tail light may not always be immediately apparent, the presence of water or fog inside the lens is evidence that there is damage.

You may anticipate that most repair shops will readily be able to find time in their schedule for the service because changing a tail light cover is one of the quickest repairs. Given how quickly the replacement can be made, it will probably be ready for you the same day. The only issue you might have at the store is that they don’t currently stock the appropriate cover. If so, you’ll have to wait for them to place the order.

Average Cost for Tail Light Cover Replacement

Average Cost for Tail Light Cover Replacement

Depending on whether you hire a mechanic or do it yourself, the average cost to replace a tail light cover ranges from $50 to $300. Taxes, fees, and your specific make and model are not considered in this price range, which is based on national averages for all automobiles. Possible further requirements include the replacement of the tail light bulb.

How Much Does It Dost to Fix a Tail Light

  • Cost at the Mechanic: $125 to $300

Parts: $50 to $120

Labour: $75 to $180 

It only takes an hour to change a tail light cover, which is a reasonably simple procedure. Since most coverings are made to last the lifetime of the car, you could never even require this service. That tail light cover won’t need to be replaced until it sustains damage, such as from an accident, UV rays, or harsh chemicals.

  • DIY Cost: $50 to $120

Difficult Level: Beginner 

Parts Needed: Tail light assembly

You may easily undertake this repair on your own if you want to save money. Even a novice with no prior experience working on cars can do it because it is simple enough. The only tools you need, except the new tail light component you want to install, are a screwdriver, a wrench, and some plastic adhesive.

What Happens If You Don’t Get a Tail Light Plastic Cover Replacement

Get a Tail Light Cover Replacement

While you can convert your taillight to LED to make the emitting light brighter, If your car’s taillight cover is bad when driving at night or in bad weather, it might impair sight and create a hazardous situation for you and the other vehicles in your vicinity. Someone not seeing your turn signal could cause an accident, even in the middle of the day with clear skies.

Additionally, if you don’t fix a broken tail light cover, debris could enter and harm the bulbs, significantly decreasing their lifespan. Additionally, as it is mandated by law that your tail light function while you are driving, you may be stopped by police if the damage is severe enough. It’s always advisable to avoid the danger and get it mended as soon as you can because a fine for a broken tail light can be higher than the simple cost of repair.

How Often to Get a Tail Light Plastic Cover Replacement

The mileage shouldn’t have much of an impact on how long your tail light cover lasts you. The sun poses the true danger. The cover will ultimately become hazy and damaged by UV radiation from the sun’s rays, which dims the light from the inside bulbs. However, you can repetitively restore your car’s taillight cover using a restoration solution like the Clear Light Tech Headlight Restore.

Additionally, no matter how old your car’s taillights are, physical harm might cause a tail lamp cover to break at any time. You can read the owner’s manual for your car to find out more information about your tail light cover and what maintenance is recommended. But typically, this replacement won’t even be noted in your car’s maintenance schedule.

Common Signs You Need to Replace Your Tail Light Cover

  • The cloudy tail light cover blocks out the light.
  • The tail light cover has a crack.
  • The tail light cover isn’t covering the bulbs completely or has holes.
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